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Writer, journalist, psychologist and psychoanalyst

Elizabeth Quila is characterized by realistically projecting visions. For fulfilling purposes that emerge from the intangible but that transcend in a palpable manner for literature and the community that involves it.

From her work, Elizabeth intends to transcend both the poetic and academic aspects, as well as in the area of cultural management, collaborating with Spanish-American literature to have its well-deserved echo throughout the world.


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El cadaver que envejece dentro de su tumba 
Travesti de almas de Elizabeth Quila
Travesti de Almas
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El amante despiadado by Elizabet Quila
El Amante
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Oblivion by Elizabeth Quil
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El pueblo de los ahogados by Elizabeth Quila
El Pueblo de los Ahogados
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El culto by Elizabeth Quila
El Culto
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